Club Details


Q. Who are we?

A. The club was originally formed in 2001 as the Northern Fast Electric Racing Club but changed it's name in 2005 becoming the Northern Amp Draggers. The aim of the club is to provide high quality competition (and most importantly good fun) for anyone wanting to race the UK & NAVIGA classes. The classes we race are based on popular demand in the North of England which currently consist of surface drive boats, both mono-hulls, catamarans and hydroplanes.

Q. When and where do we race?

A. The season usually starts in late March and we have a series of 7 events throughout the season with the final one in September/October. Races are usually held at Bridlington.

Q. Can I pre-book?

A. Yes you can book here, in fact we prefer drivers to pre-book as it saves valuable time on the day for everyone. That doesn't mean to say that you have to pre-book, entries are very welcome on the day at any meeting.

Q. What are the rules.

A. We race to a set of rules which are closely based on the UK MPBA rules and this enables drivers to prepare for racing at the UK National Championships each year if they wish.

Q. How do I get started?

A. The first step should be to come along to any race meeting and chat to the drivers, watch the races and then decide which class or classes you want to race. There is always advice available for the asking.

Q. How much does it cost?

A. We have a 10 per year membership charge which is payable at the first meeting or at the first meeting you attend. Each time you race there is an entry fee of 4 per class plus 2 if you require to hire a transponder.


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