AGM 2016

Date : 16/10/16

Time : 12:30pm




Ian Phillips, George Roberts, Martin Marriott, David Harvey, Martin Harvey, George McDonald, Paul Heaton, Rob Physick, John Croyden, Chris Hobbs, Tom Watson, Tim Watson, Dale Marriott, Liam Mallam, Keith Mallam, Ian Williams, Pete Barrow, Andrew Fuller, Harry Stewart,


Chairman's Report

It was agreed that the Committee positions remain the same for a further year.

Simon Booth to continue his role as Computer Operative and Ian Phillips to continue his role as Webmaster/Online bookings.


Secretary's Report

Rob Physick thanked the members for their support and hoped they enjoyed the competitive racing throughout the year. Many thanks to the Bridlington members for their work in setting up the lake/course ready for the meeting. Well done to the Junior members for all their efforts. A big thanks to all who travel the longer distances to help with the smooth running of the events and well done to all the kitchen staff.


Treasurer's Report

George McDonald discussed the monies to date produced an up to date balance sheet for the committee members to view and approve. Although the 2015 accounts had not been produced, Peter Barrow stated that he had viewed them and that they were correct.

The following was agreed for 2017

  1. Mini Class – Smaller Number board/Number.
  2. It was agreed to reduce the size of the racing numbers and the number board ONLY for the Mini classes. 70mm x 70mm boards with the race numbers being 65mm.


  3. Junior Trophy.
  4. It was suggested that there should be a prize just for the junior racers. The general feeling was that there should be two prizes, but no special race just for juniors due to time constraints. One prize would be for the highest points in a class which they would nominate at the beginning of the year that they wish to be judged in. The other was offered to be purchased by Ian Phillips and awarded to the junior with the highest points that was racing in the Mini Mono class.


  5. Energy Limiters.
  6. With the approval to use Energy Limiters (optional) already agreed at a previous meeting, it was suggested that if Naviga were to specify the limits for 2017 then this should be adopted. If Naviga did not specify the limit then NADS would set its own limit and these would be programmed by our designer/manufacture of the equipment...Martin Marriott.


  7. Transponder allocation
  8. Dave Harvey stated that he may not be able to handle the issuing of the transponders next year so George McDonald agreed to take on the task of issuing transponders.

  9. ‘Time Board’ Introduction.
  10. There was a request for the introduction of a ‘Time Board’ whereby all race heat times are clearly shown and if you are not at the start line by the correct time, the race starts without you. The ‘Time Board’ was rejected in favour of us all being more efficient and trying harder to be at the start line when called.

  11. Race dates for 2017.  …ALL RACES AT BRIDLINGTON.


SAWS 2017…12th March 2017


NATIONALS 2017…. 7/8/9 July 2017



The following topics were rejected...

    1. A request to only use numbers 1 – 6 for races rather than allocating a fixed number for each competitor per class at the beginning of the year.

    3. To re introduce the Mini Eco class to be run around the Naviga triangle.



Meeting closed at 13:30pm