AGM 2014

Date ;19/10/14

Time ; 17:30pm



John Foster, Peter Barrow, Ian Phillips, George Roberts, Steve Booth, Martin Marriott, David Harvey, Martin Harvey, George McDonald, Luke Burton, Rob Physick, Jason Tooley, Simon Booth, Ian Williams, Keith Mallam, John Croydon, Donatas Ceponis.


Apologies :- Paul Heaton.


Chairman's Report

Pete Barrow informed the members that John Foster, the treasurer, would be standing down.

Stephen Booth was voted in as Johns’ replacement.

There was also a requirement for the role of ‘Computer Operative’. Simon Pritchard agreed to take on this role to ensure the operating equipment would be up and running and try to prevent any delays to our scheduled start time.


Secretary's Report

Rob Physick thanked the members for their support and hoped they enjoyed the competitive racing throughout the year.


Treasurer's Report

Balance sheet handed out to committee members.

John Foster discussed the balance sheet and subs.

The accounts/balance sheet were checked and found to be in order. - Luke Burton/Dave Harvey.




The following was agreed for 2015


It was agreed that Stephen Booth would replace John Foster in the role of treasurer.

Simon Booth to take on the role of Computer Operative.

Hydro 1 and 2 race time increased to 6mins. ( 11 for, 3 against)

It was agreed to introduce a new ‘Cat’ class, 4s or 6s max 560g.


Cell weights …..It was agreed to allow a 5g increase for the mini class lipo batteries at NADS. MAXIMUM weight of 115g for 2015 season.

It was agreed to run the April meeting 2015, at the Lido in Bury (Clarence Park).

It was agreed for 2015 season that when drivers signed in and paid their entry fee, that they should also register their name onto the ‘Job Sheet’, showing the list of jobs that required to be manned during the heats.

Ian Phillips asked that all number plates be to MPBA standard as some of them were either too small or flopped around making it difficult to read by the scorer.

6 meetings scheduled for Bridlington , 1 meeting scheduled for Bury 2015.

Race dates to follow.


A big ‘THANK YOU’ from all present to John Foster, for all his time and efforts during his role as treasurer..





Chairman closed the meeting at 19:30pm