Minutes of NAD's AGM 2013


Date ; 3/11/13


Time ; 17:30pm



John Foster, Peter Barrow, Ian Phillips, George Roberts, Steve Booth, Martin Marriott, Dale Marriott, David Harvey, George McDonald, Paul Heaton, Luke Burton, Rob Physick, Jason Tooley, Simon Pritchard, Ray Metcalfe.

Apologies :- Martin Harvey, John Croydon.


Chairman's Report

Pete Barrow informed the members of the planned introduction of a Transponder system for 2014.

Martin Marriott offered to integrate the new software into our current system if needed.

Lots of testing would be needed throughout the winter months after the installation of the recording wires being manufactured and installed at the lake.

There was the question of increased costs for the transponders? These costs would be confirmed early 2014.

Competitors could either purchase their own outright or hire a transponder.

A deposit would be required for the hire of transponders to cover the costs of loss or damage.

Secretary's Report

Rob Physick thanked this years’ members for their support and hoped they enjoyed the competitive racing throughout the year.

Treasurer Report

Balance sheet handed out to committee members.

John Foster discussed the balance sheet and subs.

A big thank you to Ian and Sue our Galley Staff, who were presented with bottles of wine for their efforts this year.


The following was agreed for 2014

It was recommended that there should be no change to the committee members for 2014.

Underside of boats should have at least 30% reflective/fluorescent covering.

Race controller should position himself on top of podium to improve overall vision during races.

Buoy judges could also position themselves in each corner of the podium to also assist their viewing point of the turn buoys.

The introduction of the RED and YELLOW penalty card system.

Cell weights …..Peter Barrow was invited to a NAVIGA meeting in Germany. To date there has been no change to our agreed cell weights at NADS.

Lipo Heater Bags...The agreed temperature setting was between 35 degrees and 40degrees MAX .

Minimum number of boats allowed to race was TWO. Must race a minimum of FOUR rounds to qualify for championship points.

The number of classes an individual was allowed to race was a maximum of FOUR.

ALL 7 meetings scheduled for Bridlington 2014.

Race dates now posted on the site.


Brid :- 23/3/14






19/10/14 (and AGM)

Chairman closed the meeting at 19:30pm