Minutes of NAD's AGM 2012


Date ; 11/11/12


Time ; 17:30


John Foster, Peter Barrow, Ian Phillips, George Roberts, Steve Booth, Martin Marriott, Dale Marriott, David Harvey, George McDonald, Paul Heaton, Luke Burton, Nigel Bennett, Ian Rees, Rob Physick.


Chairman's Report

Pete Barrow informed the committee of the Supercat battery rules.

This was originally 8s 12s with 5000mAh maximum allowance.

For next years Nationals, this would be reduced to 6s 8s with 1120g maximum cell weight allowed.

2p maximum when running :-

Two separate motors

Two separate ESCs

Two separate batteries

To summarise the above….


The rules now cover Nads rules and MPBA rules.

You must tell the race controller which set up you are running

Nads Rules:

8 to 12 s Lipo.

5000mah only with no weight limit. Original labels.

You are allowed8s to 12s or 2 x 4s upto 2 x 6s . You can only parrell the packs if you are running two motors.

Using a link lead between them.


8s to 12s connected to 1 controller and 1 motor

1 x 6s lipo connected to 1 controller then to the motor. Then the same again on the opposite side. Equalling 12 lipo. Then using suitable wiring connect the packs together . When parralling them you must have 2 controllers and 2 motors.

You may also run 8s to 12s running two motors and controllers. Using Y leads off the final positive and negative leads.

Also when a twin motor set up, you must be able to isolate the motors from the batteries with the correct number of safety loops.

MPBA rules

5s to 8s Lipo with any motor - cell weight limit 1120 (140gms per cell) . Please Note that 'scale' hydros will now be able to run in this class with up to 8s lipos within the class weight limit of 1120 grams.

i.e. 6 8s Max, 1120g, 1 or 2p, as NAVIGA RULING.

Competitor to inform when booking in that the boat is to MPBA Specification.

Also…For NADS…The only time 2P (IN ANY OTHER CASE) is allowed, is when 2 motors are being used (Max of 6s per motor, and a link lead to balance the batteries.






Secretary's Report

Rob Physick welcomed this years new members and hoped they enjoyed the competitive racing they had competed in.








Treasurer Report

Balance sheet handed out to committee members.

John Foster reported that there was a balance of approx. £1200 in the bank.

There would be £60 expenses next year for the keyboard supplied by Martin Marriott.

The Balance sheet was agreed on and proposed by Dave Harvey and seconded by George McDonald.



It was recommended that there should be no change to the membership fees.

Proposed by Ian Phillips and seconded by George Roberts.

There would be 5 meetings scheduled for Bridlington and 2 meetings at Bury.

Ian Phillips agreed to inform Paul Heaton of the 2013 race meeting dates.

There was a discussion as to which electronic timing system we would continue using, either the ‘Martin Harvey’ system or the new ‘Martin Marriott’ system? It was agreed to continue using/trialling the new ‘Martin Marriot’ system for the 2013 NADS meetings and use the ‘Martin Harvey’ system for the 2013 Nationals.

It was reported that there was a problem with our current laptop sound system? This needed investigating and if needed, either a refurbishment or replacement might be required. This repair/replacement was agreed and seconded by Dave Harvey and George McDonald.

MINI MONO would have a race time of 6mins 10secs for 2013.

2012 witnessed Hydro1 competing at only one race meeting. It was agreed that for 2013, to qualify for points and awards, there should be a minimum of 3 boats, competing in a minimum of 3 race meetings. If there was only 2 boats competing in a class, then these 2 boats must compete in a minimum of 4 race meetings to qualify for points and awards.

The committee would like to thank the kitchen staff for all the excellent breakfasts, lunch, teas and coffee that has been served at the race meetings.


Brid :- 24/3/13 Bury ????







Chairman closed the meeting at 19:00pm