AGM 2011

Date  06/11/2011

Time  17:30




John Foster, Peter Barrow, Ian Phillips, George Roberts, Martin Marriott, David Harvey,

Martin Harvey, George McDonald, Paul Heaton, Phil Miller, Stephen Bennett, Nigel Bennett,

Rob Physick.


Chairman's Report

Pete Barrow informed the committee of the vacant Secretary position and that Rob Physick had expressed an interest. It was proposed by Ian Phillips and seconded by Nigel Bennett that Rob should take over the role of Secretary.

 Secretary's Report

Nothing to report


Treasurer Report

Balance sheet handed out to committee members.

Martin Harvey asked a question regarding the expenses claimed for the NEC meeting.

With reference to an increase in the membership, there was an interest shown from the Rawdon Club and also two from Bury.

The Balance sheet was agreed on and proposed by Dave Harvey and seconded by George Roberts.



              Proposed by Ian Phillips and seconded by David Harvey.



John Foster proposed that Peter Barrow remains as chairman.

At this point both George and Peter left the meeting room to allow the members to vote.

The results of the vote were : George 3, Peter 8.



There would be 4 meetings scheduled for Bridlington and 3 meetings at Bury.

Ian Phillips agreed to inform Paul Heaton of the 2012  race meeting dates.


After much discussion about cell capacity/size/weight, it was voted on and agreed unanimously (with only 1 against) , that up to a maximum of 12s 5000mAh was the agreed cell for the Super Cat class.


This would free up sometime in between races for the allocation of jobs on the day.

Proposed by Dave Harvey, seconded by Rob Physick.

              It was agreed that once you have registered and been allocated a race number, this number 

              would stay with your boat/class for the remainder of the season.




              Many thanks for all the excellent breakfasts, lunch, teas and coffee that has been served over the


             John Foster presented them with their retirement gifts.


             Chairman closed the meeting at 19:00pm