Minutes of NADís AGM 2010

Date: 10/10/2010

Time: 15:26pm


Chairmanís Report


Pete Barrow: Another year, few more quid made. Need to try and find some new members from somewhere - new classes e.g. starter classes. Eco classes have been dropped - so a new class to replace these.


Thank to the new secretary Chris Ransome and to the treasurer John Foster for all their hard work over the years.


Secretaries Report


Chris Ransome: Nothing to report


Treasurer Report


John Foster:

Members - 23 senior and 1 junior this year

Financial report was handed out and agreed on. Ian Phillips proposed and Dave Harvey seconded. All accepted.




Pete Barrow asked for volunteers to stand on the committee and explained that he would only be doing chairmanís job for 1 more year.

Chairman: Pete Barrow

Secretary: Chris Ransome has said he will stand again this year.

Treasurer: John Foster stated he will carry on this year but will be standing down the year after.



PB asked that we try and stick to similar dates as the current year for racing - 3 at Bury and 4 at Brid.




1/ Dave Harvey mentioned about cells. PB says that minutes actually say 5-8cells. Pete Barrow says that we need to stick to the minutes so 5-8 cells

2/ Suggestion for medals instead of certificates. Pete Barrow suggested to afford this we increase membership to £20 and that each class goes up to £5 or £6 per class. Was discussed at length. After discussion it was decided to leave membership at £10 for the year but to increase the fee for classes to £4. Gold medal for 1st place and certificates created for 2nd and 3rd for each class. Proposed by Pete Barrow seconded by Paul Heaton.

3/ Simon Mitchell proposed that we split the heats so that the top 4 drivers are in one heat with the rest in another to hopefully enable fairer racing and competition. Voted on. Seconded by David Harvey. Unanimous agreement.

4/ Ian Phillips proposed that the same race numbers were used throughout the year and to facilitate this they use online booking in - asking drivers to book in before the first race meeting.


Chairman closed the meeting at 15:58pm.