Minutes from N.A.Ds Annual General Meeting 1st November 2009

Minutes from 2008 approved

Chairmanís report:

Thanks to John Foster for sorting out monies

Thanks to everyone for a good years racing

General discussion on potential new Super Class by NAVIGA.

Possibility of Running Monoís and Hydros with Cats.

Weights of these classes was also discussed

Pete going to try to get to NAVIGA meeting for more information and report back on actual facts.

Secretaryís report:

Nothing to report

Treasurers report:

Copies past round for approval

Figures accepted


Chairman asked for any volunteers for any of the committee positions

There was nobody forwarded

Committee agreed to continue if approved by the members.

Committee Approved.


Eco Expert class to be run if enough people available, this will be put on web site for interested parties.

No fixture at Branston Water Park for this year, we will try to fit in at Bury if available.

Agreement on NADS account monies to be used to buy catering staff a present each

People to be asked if they are interested in proposed super class if approved by NAVIGA.

New timing software purchased, this will be trialled at Bridlington Next Yr.

New Laptop battery costs to be investigated

John Fosterís Fuel costs to Bury will be paid for from club funds